We're ready to get good things done in Ontario, and I'm ready to work hard every day as your NDP candidate and then as your MPP for Elgin - Middlesex - London. But dedication alone won't get us there—it takes thousands of dollars to reach citizens across our riding during this election.

The maximum you can donate is $1222, but even $10 will buy us a sign to put on someone's lawn.

Please give what you can to help us make change for the better

Who can donate?

Only individuals living in Ontario can donate. Businesses cannot donate, and your donation must be paid by you personally from your own funds, not reimbursed by another individual or an organization.

How much can I donate?

Each person can donate the following:

$1222 to a candidate's campaign (after the election is officially called)


$1222 to the riding association (any time)


$1222 to the central party


Important: Each of these maximums is PER PARTY. 
So if you're donating to other NDP candidates, you can only donate a total of $1222 to all those NDP candidates combined.
BUT if you've donated to candidates in another party, that still leaves you with $1222 to donate to NDP candidates.

Is my donation public?

Elections Ontario requires that any donation of $100 or more be listed publicly. Donations of less than $100 are not listed publicly.

Donations of $10 or more cannot be made anonymously, and Elections Ontario does require your full name and your declaration that the funds are not being reimbursed to you by someone else.