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Gender Pay Equity

Tuesday, April 10 is Equal Pay Day in Ontario. That means that compared to what men earned last year, women have had to work until this day in the new year to match that amount. Women who are racialized, disabled, or migrant will have to work until May or June. That’s unacceptable to me, and to the Ontario NDP. We can and must do more to address this problem that’s bad for women, for families, and for our economy. Continue reading

Pharmacare for Everyone

Lower Cost. Less Worry. Better Health. You shouldn’t have to empty your wallet to get the medicine you need. Continue reading

Dental Care for Everyone

Our plan to make sure everyone can get basic dental care, regardless of their age, jobs status, or income. Too many people suffer because they can't afford a trip to the dentist. It doesn't have to be this way. Continue reading


The situation at Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre is absolutely unacceptable, full stop. I hope there will be remedies in action before the general election, but if not enough has been done, this will be a Day 1 job for me as an MPP. Citizens of this riding are at EMDC. Their safety and wellbeing needs to be protected. The province cannot neglect its duty to those in our care any longer.


Renting isn't just a short term bridge to home ownership. We need regulations and legislation that allow tenants the same sense of comfort, safety, and pride in their homes as property owners enjoy. Continue reading


We have a systemic problem. Ontario allows, and the government itself uses, policies that make it expensive to be poor. Things like insurance cancellation for late payments, refusal of OSAP to people who've been bankrupt, and exorbitant banking fees for declined automatic withdrawals are all things it's in our power to chance. We need to stop punishing people for being poor. Continue reading

We Need Jobs

The number one issue facing our region today is jobs. With the country's lowest workforce participation, compounded by a shortage of secure and stable work, the people of this area are hurting and our futures are in jeopardy. There is no silver bullet, and it will take systems change and coordinated efforts to fix this growing problem. Continue reading
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